Marcos Bortolotto
~ Artist ~ Painter ~ Wood Craftsman ~
Marcos Bortolotto
20 Hervey Street
Byram, Connecticut 06830
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Marcos is a Brazilian born artist that brings a flair of his own, that is combined from his roots in Brazil, but honed with experiences from his time in the USA. He paints with acrylics, on plasterboard, and mounts each painting into it's own distinctive wood frame. Each frame is designed and hand made by the artist himself, from repurposed wood, in the spirit of ecologically sound beliefs and practices. In addition to his portfolio of regular two dimensional works, Marcos has expanded his repertoire into several pieces done in bas-relief, giving unique three dimensional and tactile aspects to these pieces.

Artist Bortolotto moved to the US over 20 years ago, bringing a wife and daughter, to together explore the wonders and opportunities of a new world. In doing so, he has successfully brought the elements of both his home country, and his adopted, into the best elements of both. He has now settled in the quaint Connecticut village of Byram, a suburb of Greenwich, where he has his in-home studio workshop.

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